And just like that, bam! I’m one year older and a whole lot wiser!

I feel like my life has changed so much since my 30th birthday. I guess from the outside things may seem much the same but as a person I have grown into someone I don’t even recognise sometimes.

After years of thinking I’d missed my chance I finally became a university student and am just hours away from submitting my first assignment (something I’m both thrilled and terrified about!).

I genuinely never imagined I’d get to this stage, with children to raise and bills to pay it all just seemed so out of reach but with the right people around me and a whole lot of determination I’m here and it honestly feels so good! I think I just wish more than anything that I’d had more faith in myself ten years ago but better late than never I suppose.

My children are thriving and my fiancé (who has just started a new job with no more evening or weekend shifts!) and I have finally set a wedding date. Roll on September 2022!

This year we have started to achieve a more healthy work/life balance and I’m so grateful for that. For the first time in a long time we have guaranteed Christmas plans and I’m actually giddy with excitement!

The hard times will always be hard and I’m not saying that my life is perfect but at times it feels pretty damn close and I feel so incredibly lucky.

Getting older will never be the answer to all of life’s problems, for me it was more realising that growing up didn’t mean that things were set in stone. My life could be what I make of it if I work hard enough.