When I tell you that a collection has NEVER spoken to my soul more than this one, you best believe it!

There’s a fresh face in Paris! Emily Cooper is brightening up the City of Light with her signature colourful style and wit. From lunch with friends to a chic night out, celebrate everyday the way Parisiennes do and indulge in the full Spectrum x Emily in Paris collection. Most importantly, remember to say oui to possibility.


Spectrum Collections have captured the essence of the infamous Netflix series perfectly and I can’t wait to get my hands on it (so if anyone is looking a last minute Christmas gift idea for me then here I am serving it to you on a pretty pink platter).

For those of you who haven’t joined the masses and binged watched what can only be described as the guiltiest of pleasures then this little run down might give you a glimpse into the dream world of Emily…

Emily in Paris follows Emily, a driven 20-something American from Chicago who moves to Paris for an unexpected job opportunity. She is tasked with bringing an American point of view to a venerable French marketing firm. Cultures clash as she adjusts to the challenges of life in Paris while juggling her career, new friendships, and love life.


The collection includes…

La Vie En Rose 10 Piece Brush Set £49.99

La Mode Clutch Bag £19.99

I like Paris 4 Piece Brush Set £19.99

Macaroon Sponge Trio £12.99

Cafe Au Lait Brush Storage £12.99

But you can also pick up the bundle for a discounted £99.99 (saving you over £15).

Paris anyone?


The last couple of years has truly been a time of reflection for so many people. It has given me so many things to be grateful for as well as the numerous worries I’m sure the majority of us feel pretty similar.

One thing I will happily take away with me into the new year is a new found appreciation for small businesses and indie brands.

The beauty community is saturated with talent. Some more well known than others but all admirable in their quest to achieve their dreams.

Here is a list of some of my favourite indie cosmetics brands, fingers crossed you’ll find something new and exciting to sink your teeth into!

Arttitude Cosmetics

UK Based
Cruelty Free

I’ve spoken about Arttitude many times before and to be honest my love for the brand has only grown since then.

The Colour Splash palette is the perfect addition to your collection if you’re after something daring with the kind of pigment quality most high end brands could only dream of!

Their product line has expanded considerably in the last year whilst still keeping up with the impeccable standard of previous releases. What more could you ask for?

Lois Cosmetics

UK Based
Cruelty Free

Lois Cosmetics launched last year and oh my god what a year it was!

You know I’m all about girl power and this female founded brand hasn’t let the pandemic stop them from taking the beauty community by storm.

There truly is something for everyone.

Palm Beauty

UK Based
Cruelty Free

Palm Beauty is the baby of the bunch. Founded by Courtney Green of TOWIE fame this little gem still feels brand spanking new after only launching this time last year.

If you’re after an eyeshadow palette that’ll take you from day to night, on any occasion and all year round then look no further because Palm Beauty has you covered with their warm toned, neutral 9 pan beaut.

You’ll also find a collection of lip products that will become handbag essentials in no time!

VE Cosmetics

UK Based
Cruelty Free

If you’re after something with a little bit more edge then VE Cosmetics is perfect for you.  This one woman powerhouse is all about ensuring ethical practices whilst still being fierce as they come.

You’ll find stunning eyeshadow palettes (witchy vibes all round guys, you’re gonna love em!) as well as a whole host of lip products with a formula and finish to suit everyone (with some seriously unique shades to boot!).

This is seriously one to watch.


UK Based
Cruelty Free

Luxury is probably the word that first springs to mind when I think about Labelle. 

With an extensive range of products (the diamond highlighters are my fav!) they manage to hit the mark each and every time with their on trend releases.

Pretty much the perfect present selection for the beauty lover in your life.

Unicorn Cosmetics

UK Based
Cruelty Free

UC has come a long way since they first launched their now iconic lashes.

With three gorgeous palettes, a selection of stunning pigments and brushes that look like they escaped straight from a Disney movie you really are spoilt for choice.

They also have the most beautiful and magical aesthetic that I’m kind of obsessed with. Mermaid brushes. Give me the strength to not skint myself!


UK Based

This one will need no introduction. If you haven’t tried the P.Louise base then you need to get an order in right this minute because it is honestly a game changer. 

The brand juggles being recognised world wide (it’s a favourite of Kim K don’t ya know!) whilst still managing to maintain its roots, giving back to her supporters is something that Paige does on a daily basis. 

If you’re after a purchase with plenty of heart, soul and positivity then P.Louise will have your back.

Spectrum Collections

UK Based
Cruelty Free

Last but not least we have Spectrum Collections which let’s be honest, you already know by now is probably my favourite brand of all time.

Their innovative brush designs are funky but functional. Extremely instagrammable but always top notch and made to a professional standard.

After developing their own make up line last year there is now no stopping the welsh sisters with a passion for fashion and all things pink!

Will you be shopping indie this Christmas?


The beauty industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years, especially with the rise of the ‘influencer‘ and power of social media. With an incredibly saturated market, an endless supply of near identical products and concepts it’s hard to know where to invest your hard earned cash. I’m here today to share with some of my favourite brands created and headed by female entrepreneurs as well as my go to products. Why they’re so special and deserve your support.Like the Spice Girls said once upon a time (and is definitely the theme of today’s post) Girl Power!

Unicorn Cosmetics

My Fav Product…

Wicked Palette £29.99

Unicorn Cosmetics founder Mel had always experimented with colour through fashion and hair (she has worked her way through the rainbow and honestly, I’m so jealous because she always looks amazing!). Her journey began with the realisation that she could bring something new and exciting to the table.

The makeup world was very different to what it is now, everything was black and more black. Makeup brushes were honestly one of the less expensive products to fund and I was obsessed at the time with buying MAC brushes, but hated that they were so boring and pretty basic. I just didnt understand why no one had done a multi-coloured hair makeup brush that had a different shape handle, and that’s where it started really.

Mel Blue

With no knowledge or prior experience of how to start a business (10 years as an NHS data analyst is obviously vastly different to being the ultimate unicorn boss babe although she has always been a creative at heart, dabbling in customising shoes and selling jewellery) she used her initiative and sourced everything via google. Choosing a factory was difficult but eventually having found the right one it was actually Fiancé Chris who turned Mels vision into reality with his clay design of the iconic unicorn brush handle. 

Which actually brings us to the brands thoroughly recognisable name.

Unicorn was picked because it’s such a unique creature and magical. That’s all my brand is meant to be about, unique magical products that make you feel inspired and are ground breaking in design and quality.

Mel Blue

The UC Pro Unicorn Brush Range has been a resounding success with professional make up artists and enthusiasts such as myself giving them rave reviews across the board. The class of 86’ eye brush set is one of my most favourite purchases ever! Mel has managed to create tools of a professional standard at an accessible price which is so important especially at the moment when financially so many people are struggling.

If you follow UC across social media then you will probably already have seen a sneak peak of the Glow Ting highlighter (which Mel admits is her favourite creation so far!) and I will be first in line to get my hands on it when it drops, is there anything better than a glow that can be seen from space? I’ve also been told there are some other exciting launches planned for later this year!

Not only is Mel a hard working, strong business woman, she is also just a genuinely nice person! Praising her UC team (who she says have become her family), followers and supporters who have helped her build the brand up to what it is today.

You really need to find the right people to surround yourself with, and don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it right the first time, it’s a really big learning curve. No one loves your brand/business more than what you do, so always follow your gut. Business is one huge lesson. But more than anything I would say protect your creativity in legal terms, trust your instinct and dont be scared to say no.

Mel Blue

Arttitude Cosmetics

My Fav Product…

Phoenix Eyeshadow Palette £32.99

Arttitude Cosmetics (which is completely vegan and cruelty free) was founded in 2019 by Rukhsaar (who is also a full time clinical scientist if she wasn’t already busy enough!). The brand boasts a full line of lashes, gorgeous lip products and the most beautiful rainbow palette you ever did see. She fell in love with the beauty industry and make up artistry after working in the family business, Arttitude Studios. 

My mum has been working as a make-up artist since the early 2000’s and it was her that inspired me to learn make-up which is where I developed my passion from. When she started working as an MUA, make-up wasn’t what it is now. She wanted to challenge those norms and put the art back into make-up artistry and give it a whole new attitude, and that’s where the name comes from – her make-up studio was called Arttitude Studios, so she actually named the brand!


The Arttitude product line (which started with lashes) was originally designed with the studios clients in mind. After struggling to find the perfect lash for each client the decision was made to create their own! Each with its own luxury feel and presentation to make the experience even more special.

Building up a business whilst holding down a full time job as a health care professional isn’t something everyone can do and that’s what makes Ruks the ultimate inspiration. Arttitude Cosmetics is all about community. The brand is incredibly supportive of the artists they work with and constantly strives to give back to those who have supported the company as it grows. Her advice to others with dreams of starting their own business is straight to the point but also full of love. Exactly like the brand itself!

It is hard work. Expect to be working around the clock. Don’t expect to plant the seed and eat the fruit the same day. Read, read and read some more! Remember – the first year in business is just about surviving. But, having said all this. Go for it and don’t hold back. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life wondering, ‘what if.’ Take the risk, work hard, and you have all my love and best wishes for your every success.


Spectrum Collections

My Fav Product…

Pinch Pot £16.99

Spectrum was started by sisters Sophie and Hannah in April 2014, born from a garage in Barry, South Wales.

Spectrum has gone from strength to strength in the years since then and has become a brand recognised across the world. Offering premium quality products that are always vegan and cruelty free (the sisters are TRUE animal lovers).

The duo who have always been fiercely passionate about beauty and fashion and feel strongly that make-up is more than just a visual thing.

A beauty routine is a ritual that when shared can bring so much happiness and really become a bonding experience. Makeup isn’t just functional, it’s very emotional.

Sophie & Hannah

Combining both beauty and fashion to create Spectrum was a genius decision. The brushes are by far some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, functional and made to a professional standard yet stylish and bold. The perfect dressing table accessories.

Having branched into cosmetics last year I now feel that there is no stopping the brand which is run by a predominantly female team. 

And guys, have you seen their Disney collections? Because you know I am all about that life!


My Fav Product…

Love Tapes Palette £42

Paige Louise (PLouise) had loved and experimented with make up from a young age which ultimately led her to begin training as an MUA at 20. From there she grew more confident within her artistry and formed her own opinions on what worked and didn’t work within the beauty industry.

I used to stare at these gorgeous shadows sitting in these luxury palettes and then get very frustrated when I didn’t receive the colour pay-off on my clients’ eyelids.

Paige Louise

P.Louise Make Up Academy (which includes an aesthetics studio, hair lounge, state of the art classrooms and student facilities plus a swanky beauty lounge) opened in 2014. It was the foundation for the brand to really take the world by storm in 2018. After spotting a gap in the market, Paige was able to realise her dream and launch the now globally recognised brand.

I think it’s fair to say one of the most famous products to hit the industry in recent years has got to be the P.Louise Base. 

I very quickly realised I needed a product that would clean up the eye area, neutralise any pigmentation and would be ready to give my shadows the best shot at living their best life.

Paige Louise

It is beloved by influencers and make up artists world wide and in my opinion really is worth the hype.

Going off on a slight tangent but oily skinned spectacle wearers like myself will appreciate this little trick I’ve picked up recently. Apply a touch of the base onto your nose and blend with a sponge. This will give the area a super base for the rest of your make up that doesn’t budge!

Anyway, I digress. 

The brand now boasts an impressive array of products including eyeshadow palettes, paints and brushes as well as a fashion line co-owned by her brother.

Paige has proved herself to be a down to earth, kind hearted and driven young woman. I can’t wait to see what else she has planned for the industry.

Lois Cosmetics

My Fav Product…

Rose Metal Palette £19.99

Lois Cosmetics launched back in 2020 (and what a bloody year to start a business guys, BRAVE or what?!).

You know I’m all about girl power and this female founded brand hasn’t let the pandemic stop them from taking the beauty community by storm with not one but three high quality eyeshadow palettes all with their own individual theme and story.

With many years experience as a professional makeup artists, working with top brands and celebrities all around the world it would have been a crying shame for Lois not to put her expertise towards building a brand that is not only socially conscious but also right on the mark when it comes to trends.

With an ever expanding range of beautiful products there is truly something for everyone. Treat yourself to the most stunning liquid eyeshadows whilst also filling your basket with brand spanking new makeup brushes and eyeliners.

I can already tell that LC is fast becoming a lifelong obsession.

These women are a force to be reckoned with and I personally find their stories to be full on power and inspiration. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s posts and I would be so interested to hear all about your own favourite female led brands!


If you’re anything like me then Disney is something you will have clung to like a comfort blanket made of nostalgia since childhood (and show no sign of letting it go anytime soon).

As my passion for the beauty industry has grown one of my favourite things to do is discover collaborations that really light a fire within me and it just so happens that they are usually of the Disney variety.

So if this sounds like someone you know (or even just yourself, I won’t judge!) then stick around because I’m about to make your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier!

Beauty Bay

A collaboration with a twist if ever there was one. This modern take on some of my favourite classic Disney movies has me more excited than ever to pass on my passion to a younger generation.

Created in collaboration with Disney Colour, our new makeup collection is here to help you bring the classic Disney films to life. The Disney Colour and BEAUTY BAY collection has been inspired by the original colours from some of the most iconic Disney films, allowing you to create makeup looks that will help you bring your favourite scenes into your reality.


With a multitude of products to choose from (but why choose when you can have them all?) it’s hard to pick a favourite.

Spectrum Collections

Spectrum Collections are just as famous for their stunning Disney collaborations as they are for creating innovative yet stylish brushes and I’m so here for it.

The spectrum sisters (Sophie & Hannah) are constantly surprising us with their dreamy visions of all things Disney and I find myself constantly on the edge of my seat looking forward to their next drop.

I Heart Revolution

Last year I Heart Revolution released their very first Disney Princess Collection (with the spotlight on Cinderella, Belle and Tiana) and since there have gone from strength to strength with an ever expanding line of magical products for for royalty.

From eyeshadow and lip toppers to highlighters and lashes this collaboration really does have that something special. It’ll have you digging out your favourite Disney movies in no time.

Mad Beauty

Mad Beauty are a relatively new obsession for me but that doesn’t make them any less magical!

The brand are famous for their huge array of collaborative products based on your favourite movies and tv series (and you all know how I feel about Friends).

Their Disney lines are unique in the sense that our favourite villains get just as much of a look in. They also boast incredible collections of Star Wars products too so there really is something for everyone.


Morphie can be a bit hit and miss for me but if there’s one thing they do right it’s capturing the aesthetic of a collaboration perfectly.

The Mickey and friends collection is artsy bold and super cute. A must have for any Disney fan.

Urban Decay

Urban decay have been my guilty pleasure ever since I started on my make up journey roughly 10 years ago now. They were the first higher rent brand I ever spent money on and just hold a really special place in my heart.

If you know anything about me then you’ll know I am a Marvel fanatic and the new Eternals collaboration just screams decadence at me.

It’s pricey but it damn sure looks luxurious.

Catrice Cosmetics

Catrice are the type of friend you just know you can rely on to release products that are going to get the job done. Their new Disney collection has just hit the nail on the head with its cute aesthetic spot on shade times.

I guess objectively it might be a little bit on the childish side but if grown-up vibes of what you want I think you’re reading the wrong blog.

Wet Brush

I don’t know how many hairbrushes are too many hairbrushes but to be honest I don’t want to know the answer.

Wet brush have fast become my favourite every day hair tool brand and I pretty much have one of their brushes in every room in my house at this point.

I love the fact they Disney releases all have a completely different feel from a poor part aesthetic to cottage core fairytale dream vibes.

To be honest I just think it justifies having as many as I do.


When I’m having a really rough day I try and channel Edna Mode and to be honest that usually does the trick. She doesn’t suffer fools and neither should you.

This collection is colourful vibrant and just the thing to pick you up on these dreary and dark winter days. A pop of colour in the waterline does wonders for the soul.

Essence Cosmetics

Last but not least we have my old faithful Essence Cosmetics and their Disney Princess Collection.

Yes it’s simple and just a bit basic but to be honest if you want something that screams Disney without a luxury pricetag then you’re headed in the right direction.

He also can’t deny Essence products are just a bit bloody brilliant. Like have you tried their mascara?!

I hope I’ve managed to fill your Disney gift quota for today and you managed to find something special. Let me know if you pick anything up or if you find some Disney releases of your own.


I could very well have descended into lunacy but hear me out…I think I’m going to do my own wedding makeup.

I know, I know.

Do I really need to extra stress? Definitely not.

Am I worried that things will go wrong on the day? Absolutely.

Do I think I’m even capable of it? Actually, yes I do!

I know my own face. I know what I like and what I don’t. I’m no MUA but I like to think I know my way around a good base by now and of course let’s not forget the money I’ll save!

So now I have just over 10 months to collect and test the perfect selection of wedding day essentials (and by the way, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated).

For now I’ve set my sights on some pretty gorgeous bridal beauty buys and I think you’re going to love them too!

Spectrum Collections Something Blue Bridal Brush Set


The perfect set for any bride to be.

This 3 piece brush set, presented in a beautiful “something blue” gift box contains a powder, brow and double-ended eyeshadow brush to add the finishing touches to bridal makeup looks.

Finished with a white pearlescent handle, rose gold detailing and pastel blue bristles these brushes will look picture-perfect for those all important bridal preparation shots.


P.Louise Love Tapes Eyeshadow Palette – Wedding Wish


Our final chapter was a Wedding Wish. I pressed play on our last love tape and all of my dreams came true, the perfect Proposal started a new journey of Endless Love. I laced myself in the softest of sparkles and all eyes were on me. I never expected you to put a Ring On It but babe that was our destiny… I’m Forever Yours. Our Mini Wedding Wish palette portrays those soft subtle shades, perfect for anybodys big day. Contains 8 Shades, 6 mattes and 2 shimmers of soft, true nude tones for a subtle glam.


The Bridal Beauty Co The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Box


The Ultimate Beauty Box is finally here featuring a whopping £250 worth of products! This edit is your chance to try out all sorts of fabulous skincare, makeup and hair styling products by the best beauty brands.


Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick – Wedding Day


Every new Huda Beauty arrival is more spell-binding than the last and this dreamy matte bullet lipstick is certainly no exception The intensely pigmented and long-lasting matte comes in a versatile range of nudes, pinks and reds that are bound to suit any and every skin tone while also boasting an ultra-comfortable formula.


Spectrum Collections Bridesmaid Clutch Bag and Brush


Bride Mail incoming…

The perfect gift to ask your Bridesmaids to be part of your special day.

These envelope style clutch bags finished in a white pearl vegan leather include a miniature size A04 Tapered Finishing Brush for those all important powder touch ups on the big day.

With a wrist strap, magnetic closure and rose gold detailing the opening of the bag is printed with the message “I couldn’t say I do without you“. Each bag also includes a blank note card for you to personalise with your own message for each receiver.


The Bridal Beauty Co The Honeymoon Edit


This one-off limited edition is worth over £150 and is jam-packed with travel-size AND full-size products by award-winning and best-selling brands to take you straight from the big day, direct to your honeymoon adventures.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Bridal Makeup Kit


Darlings, whether you’re the bride-to-be, a beautiful bridesmaid or a gorgeous guest, my Magic Bridal Makeup Kit has everything you need for makeup magic touch ups on the day, for a flawless look that’s guaranteed to mesmerise the room!


Revolution x Corpse Bride Collection


You are cordially invited to the union of the year, it’s the enchanting Revolution x Corpse Bride collection! It’s time to party like the skeletons downstairs and find your perfect match with these haunting products. Are you ready to say ‘I do’ to the dark-haired temptress?


Charlotte Tilbury Build Your Own Wedding Beauty Kit


Darling, build your own wedding makeup and skincare kit to save a magical 15%* off!

Choose your skincare and makeup for a dreamy wedding look.


L’Oréal Paris x Ellie Saab Bridal Collection Eyeshadow Palette


L’Oréal Paris and Ellie Saab have teamed up to create the luxurious, limited edition Bridal Collection with blushing brides in mind. The wedding-inspired collection features this eyeshadow palette, which emcompasses an unexpected variety of shades, from soft lilac and deep forest-green to super-wearable nudes in matte and shimmer finishes.


Honestly I’m kind of dying over all of these but being realistic I know I need to keep things simple and not overwhelm myself with products.

My god what have I let myself in for…


Where are my future brides at?

I came across The Bridal Beauty Co via Spectrum Collections and I’m so glad I did. They put together the most beautiful collections of goodies and I’m utterly obsessed.

This one-off limited edition is worth over £150 and is jam-packed with travel-size and full-size products by award-winning and best-selling brands to take you straight from the big day, direct to your honeymoon adventures.

From Huda’s refining facial exfoliator, the must-have mineral SPF30 to protect, IPO’s mask to prep and nourish your skin after a day in the sun.

Plus, Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic Magic Day Cream and Huda’s famous Power Bullet Matte Lipstick will add glam to day and night. Not only this but you will receive beauty shots, beautiful makeup brushes and more…


The Bridal Beauty Festival is also this month in London and I’m so happy to say I’ll be attending and documenting it all!

I picked up ‘The Honeymoon Edit’ which costs just £35 and is worth over a whopping £150!

Inside you’ll find brands such as…

  • Huda Beauty
  • Spectrum Collections
  • Hawaiian Tropic
  • Beauty Works
  • Crabtree and Evelyn
  • Wishful
  • Charlotte Tilbury

…and more! the whole lot is presented in a staple clutch bag and would make the perfect gift to a newly engaged friend or family member (or yourself because you know, treats).

Whilst of course being extremely good value for money ‘The Honeymoon Edit’ is also a great way to try new brands or test out some higher end products that you might have been wary of investing in initially.

I already know The Bridal Beauty Co have collated a handful of other themed collections (that I obviously have my eye on because I clearly have no self control) and I have high hopes for them after being so impressed this time round!

As I mentioned previously I’ll be at The Bridal Beauty Festival this coming Sunday (and the VIP tickets come with a goodie bag worth £150!) so I’m sure I’ll have lots more to say next week!


If you follow me over on Instagram (HERE) then you’ll know I’m a bit of a palette hoarder…

I’ve rounded up my fav autumn/winter feels palette so if you’re struggling to narrow down your shopping basket this might give you a nudge in the right direction!

Unicorn Cosmetics Wicked Palette

Celebrating spooky season all year round with this beaut! The grungy colour story of the Unicorn Cosmetics Wicked Palette still has me hooked all these months later.

Full of vampy glam goodness that’ll see you through a multitude of situations. I really can’t see it getting old. It’s also currently on sale for £24.99!

You can use code ‘THEBEAUTYBOO’ at checkout to save some £££.

Nabla Dreamy 2 Palette

Somehow the Nabla Dreamy 2 Palette manages to be both delicate AND bold, something I’m sure we could all do with more of in our lives!

The luxury finish of these rich shadows 100% justifies the £32.50 price tag, plus the packaging is lush and I’m not sure what else you can ask for really?

Spectrum Collections Pantherine Palette

The warm tones of the Pantherine Palette give off utter autumnal dream vibes but also beautiful sunset feels so you’re pretty much covered all year round for £30!

The Spectrum Collections Pantherine Palette is a warm toned delight with (in my opinion) the perfect mix of matte and metallic shades. It’s also super pigmented and blends like a dream.

Lois Cosmetics Rose Metal Palette

The dreamy colour story of the Rose Metal Palette will have you wishing every night was date night. Whilst definitely neutral for the most part it’s rosey tones really add that something special into the mix. Absolutely packed with pigment and the quality is second to none.

Rose Metal is there to soothe the most romantic of souls and for £19.99 will leave you feeling like ever day is Valentine’s Day.

By Beauty Bay Wilderness Palette

A colour story of two halves if ever there was one. Each element of the palette works so beautifully together for a truly unique experience but you really do feel like you’re getting an extra bang for your buck with so much choice and versatility.

This vegan & cruelty free beauty is just so magical with its pigmented mattes and stunning shimmers (or a cheeky duochrome with shade ‘Ray’ which really lifts the whole palette to another level).

The By Beauty Bay Wilderness Palette is an all year round £15 bargain triumph.


As a self confessed oily gal I’ve always made it my life’s mission to collect as many matte products as possible. Gimme all of the powders I say.

The problem with that was it became increasingly difficult to move with the times and when dewy bases and ‘no makeup’ makeup because the next big thing I couldn’t keep up.

Life isn’t all about chasing trends but as a blogger it’s essential that I at least try them. Some I grow to love and others, well let’s just leave those to one side shall we?

I’ve always been a fan of blush, even when it wasn’t ‘cool’ and everyone else was lashing on the bronzer. I’m pale and without it I feel naked, it’s an essential part of my routine

A good dewy or barely their base needs a cream, balm or liquid blush to really set it off and that was always my downfall. Swapping out my faithful favourites for something new was a little bit terrifying to be honest but so worth it!

Makeup Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blush £5

My biggest worry was longevity. Would it really last all day or just slip right off and leave me looking a hot mess?

Also the blending. How would it work with the rest of my routine and products I already own? What tools would I use? It’s all a bit of a minefield when you throw yourself into something new but with YouTube, Instagram and TikTok at hand there are a multitude of tutorials to get you through the tough times.

Spectrum Collections Pinch Pot £16.99

I’m very much an MUE (Makeup Enthusiast) rather than an MUA (Makeup Artists) so clearly not an expert but I’ve picked up some tips along the way of my journey and thought sharing them with you might help you also take the plunge!

Pixi Beauty On-the-Glow Blush £18

Tools, tools, tools…

The first thing I agonised over when I first decided to trial a liquid blush was what to use when applying. Initially I went with a blender and wasn’t best pleased with the results to be honest (which was surprising to me as I’m a die hard foundation by sponge kinda girl).

This led to me writing off the experience all together and it was a while before I even thought about trying again…

…and then I tried this brush!

Spectrum Collections BO1 – Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush £9.99

Whilst the Spectrum Collections BO1 – Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush £9.99 might have technically been designed for perfectly buffing and blending your foundation I’ve come to realise that Spectrum Collections are the queens of creating affordable yet multipurpose products (great for saving those pennies as well as space!).

This brush just makes the job so much easier and I’ve tried it with lots of different brands now. Nothing else comes close!

What’s your formula?

Sounds stupid but there can be a world of difference between a cream, liquid or balm. The general finish is slightly different as well as the way they apply.

Personally I’d say a balm is the safest choice to start off with (something similar to the Pixi Beauty On-the-Glow Blush £18) as they’re simple to apply, blend beautifully and are easily buildable for a more intense colour. Where as a liquid blush can sometimes take more work but the pigment payoff is stunning. A cream for me lies somewhere in between but they all have their place in my routine!


The where and how you apply your blush can completely change the shape of your face, you’d honestly be surprised at how much such a simple step can make a difference.

For instance if you want to look more youthful then stick to the apples of your cheeks. This will make them appear more plump!

Placing your blush a little higher up on the cheese bones will lift everything (great if you’re permanently tired like me!).

There are lots of ways you can go with this and the results can be startling!

Have fun!

Most importantly there are no rules in makeup (only guidelines, do what you want with those!). Have fun and experiment!

Do you love blush as much as I do? If so, what are your favourites?



A driven individual who strives to achieve her goals while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to leave that coveted glow behind. The Core Cosmetics Collection is a must have if you’re after that glowing goddess lit from within kind of vibe (and who bloody isn’t!).

Never have I ever in all my life seen such an aesthetically pleasing collection.

I feel like this collection might be the very definition of what I feel on the inside on my best days. It just feels all things ‘good’ you know?

Spectrum Collections Uplifted Pinch Pot.

I picked up the…

Meggan Grubb’s Limited Edition Peachy Glow Beauty Box which contains

The set retails for just £44.99 (but is worth a whopping £63.96).

I also added the Rise Bronzer £24.99 so I could give my thoughts on the complete collection.

Spectrum Collections Rise Bronzer.

It’s an absolute must have and I’m so excited to collect the rest of the Pinch Pot shades!!!

The Spectrum Collection Core Cosmetics Collection is a thing of beauty. So elegant yet contemporary which I think is a really hard balance to strike with Sophie and Hannah have done it with complete ease!

Spectrum Collections Rise Bronzer and Glowful Mist.