Post contains gifted products. All views are my own.

Bondi Sands are obviously known for their iconic tanning range, but did you know they also dabble in skincare?

I was very kindly sent a selection of products that have been a really great introduction to the brand.

So let’s jump in!

Bondi Babe Clay Mask £11.99

The Bondi Babe purifying clay mask detoxifies skin for a clearer complexion.

It’s enriched with Blue Spirulina Extract, Bentonite Clay and Matcha to reduce redness and draw out impurities so you’re left with firm and glowing skin!

Thirsty Skin Hyaluronic Acid Serum £8.99

Hyaluronic Acid will forever be one of my favourite skincare essentials so the Thirsty Skin Serum was always going to be a winner!

Designed to intensely hydrate your skin and lock in moisture for plump and perky skin.

It has a surprisingly tacky finish which also makes it a great primer.

We love to see a multipurpose product 👏🏻

Sweet Dreams Night Moisturiser £10.99

I’m ashamed to say that as a self confessed oily gal I actually used to avoid moisturisers. YIKES!

Ignorance certainly isn’t always bliss guys!

The Sweet Dreams Night Moisturiser is a super nourishing treat that provides up to 72 hours of hydration. So if you want plump, perky skin, this one is for you as it is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Wild Hibiscus Flower and Algae for all of the moisture you could ever want.

I’m so pleased that I’ve had the opportunity to tests out these beauties by Bondi Sands and will definitely be looking to get my hands on some more of their products!

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